Whether it’s an alcohol, betting, gaming or taxi licence, if getting and keeping the right licence is essential to your business we can advise you through the whole process. We collect all the information you need for your application to guarantee you the best chance of approval. We also advise you on how to keep your licence and the conditions you must follow in order to avoid a fine or enforcement action. And if you face an enforcement action, we can advise and represent you during appeal.

Our services include:

  • Applying for new licences
  • Applying for variations or amendments to existing licences
  • Defending applications against objections in appeal hearings
  • Keeping licences up-to-date
  • Complying with industry regulations and licensing conditions
  • Objecting to someone else’s licence application
  • Contesting enforcement actions such as fines or penalties

We have experience gaining licences for:

  • Restaurants, bars and pubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Theatres and music venues
  • Sports venues
  • Private clubs, including sports clubs
  • Off-licences